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Craig Hubert Helps Victim of Bizarre Accident

Craig J. Hubert, Esq

Szaferman Lakind Quarterly Newsletter – April 2015 Edition

In the summer of 2010, Craig Hubert’s client was at work, assisting in the operating room of an oral surgery center in Hamilton, NJ. During the surgery, a Porsche drove through the parking lot and then into the operating room.

Craig’s client saw and heard the Porsche as it crashed into the building but his client was unable to react quickly enough. As the vehicle entered the operating room, objects and surgical instruments were tossed about the room and tables and chairs were flipped over. With its wheels still spinning and the smell of burning rubber and smoke filling the room, the Porsche finally came to a stop after pinning the victim to the wall of the operating room.

Craig’s client visited an area hospital with a severe bruise and swelling on the nasal area of her face. At that time, Plaintiff reported pain in her left arm and back. She was treated and released.

Shortly thereafter, the client began experiencing emotional disturbances including panic whenever she heard loud noises and an inability to sleep. She was ultimately diagnosed with acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder characterized by multiple symptoms.

Due to her emotional and physical injuries, Plaintiff was unable to return to work for nearly 8 months and eventually was terminated. To help with physical pain from the accident, she has since undergone Carpel Tunnel surgery yet continues to experience pain and tingling sensation in her dominant, left hand.

Craig Hubert’s legal expertise and persistence helped the victim of this unusual accident regain wages lost as well as reimbursement for her medical procedures and treatments. Craig cannot change what happened at the surgery center that summer morning, however, he has been able to make a positive impact in an accident victim’s life.