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At the heart of our True Counsel concept is a team-oriented, cross-disciplinary approach to achieving the goals of our clients. To provide value and efficiency, attorneys must recognize their strengths and draw upon the experiences of others. Internalizing these ideals, our NJ business lawyers – accomplished in their fields of specialty – look to other colleagues in the practice and across the firm to provide the necessary supporting skills and experience for a particular matter.

It is common for our corporate attorneys to work with tax specialists to insure business relationships and transactions are pursued in an effective and economical manner so that tax burdens are kept to a minimum. Our intellectual property counsel assist in the protection of the most valuable asset many entrepreneurs and businesses have – their patents, trademarks and trade secrets. We have the ability to draw on the experience of skilled employment law specialists within the Business Practice who have both negotiated and litigated material terms of personal services agreements or resolved disputes between employers and employees. Skilled counsel in corporate and banking finance are able to ensure relationships with funding sources are fair, reasonable and properly documented.

Our collaborative approach does not begin and end in the Business Practice. We are able to draw upon the expertise of attorneys in our Litigation Practice to protect and defend the interests of our Business Practice clients. A strong defense in a legal dispute starts with the negotiation of client positions. Our clients benefit from the knowledge and experience of our Litigation Practice colleagues who are a material part of the team concept for intelligent and efficient delivery of client services across the firm. With timely advice and counsel, our clients are more likely to achieve their goals in a cost-effective manner. Of course, the best resolution of a legal problem is to avoid a dispute altogether. Through collaborations across the firm, we do strive to do just that.

We achieve our clients’ goals with skilled and experienced NJ business lawyers who are the primary contacts for each of our clients. Associates and paralegals are an important part of our value driven approach but are no substitute for more senior lawyers. We believe our clients deserve ready access to seasoned lawyers. The delivery of client service that meets our True Counsel standard and exceeds client expectations requires nothing less.


Recent News

Business Lawyer in NJ
Scott P. Borsack, Partner

Head of Szaferman Lakind’s Business Law Group and Partner, Scott Borsack, will deliver a virtual webinar, “New Administration Proposes Historic Tax Changes” via the New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA) the morning of Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

Business Lawyer in NJ

All NJ business leaders are invited to either join Scott at NJBIA’s downtown Trenton, NJ headquarters or view Scott’s entire presentation (video and audio) via live stream to any internet accessible device.

From the event description, “Second only to health insurance reform, the Trump Administration has identified significant changes to the tax laws as a top priority. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has outlined changes which will affect individuals and businesses, among them repeal of the Estate Tax, reduction of individual tax rates, reduction of the corporate income tax rate and creation of a tax rate for so-called pass through entities. The Administration has said that it will seek to secure these reforms sometime this summer.

In this September 12 program we will explore together the proposed changes and discuss how they affect individuals and businesses alike.” TO REGISTER, VISIT NJBIA.ORG/EVENTS-LIST