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While it is true that death and taxes are inevitable, the burdens of both can certainly be softened, and in the case of taxes, eliminated if timely advice is secured. Our tax and estates lawyers, together with our colleagues who practice in other disciplines in the Business Practice, work together to create tax-efficient and cost effective solutions while achieving individual client goals. We have found that the earlier in the life cycle of a transaction that our tax experts are involved, the more likely we are to secure the benefits of a particular course of conduct without significant reduction from taxes.

Our lawyers are skilled and experienced in all manner of taxation – income, estate, gift and inheritance – and work with business owners, entrepreneurs and companies in a host of different situations. Our tax lawyers work with clients across our Business Practice as well with as independent specialists as part of a cohesive team to efficiently structure mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, members of the Tax and Estates Group also work with our commercial litigators, matrimonial lawyers and personal injury attorneys to minimize the tax effects from successful outcomes in litigation.

Our tax lawyers are committed to formulating solutions for clients that reduce or eliminate taxes. Our tax attorneys are experienced not only in tax matters but also have experience with corporate issues, finance and real estate transactions and business transactions. Our tax lawyers:

  • Have pursued advanced degrees
  • Have substantial experience in their fields gained in the private and public sectors
  • Are adept at managing a transaction while at the same time developing a plan to pass the wealth realized from a transaction to the next generation without the levy of significant taxes
  • Have worked with large corporations and closely held family businesses alike, shareholders and other equity holders, partnerships and extended families
  • Have represented personal services professionals, investment bankers and private equity funds

Protecting and preserving the fruits of a lifelong effort of working and investing is a major part of the Tax and Estates Practice.

Our lawyers are up to the challenge, regularly representing clients before federal and state administrative agencies and, if necessary, before federal and state courts.

We provide intelligent and cost effective, true counsel relating to

  • State and local tax problems
  • Creating a new legal entity
  • Real estate transactions including exchange transactions
  • Executive compensation including stock appreciation plans, equity compensation and stock option plans
  • Tax-free and taxable acquisitions, mergers and sale transactions
  • Income tax planning
  • Wills, trusts and elder law planning including the use of sophisticated entities to shift wealth
  • Estate and trust administration as well probate litigation
  • Representation before federal and state agencies and tribunals on tax dispute