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Business & Individual: Aviation Law

Few businesses are challenged by more governmental regulation than aviation. It is not nearly enough to be supported by talented attorneys. Particularized knowledge of the practical side of aviation is required.  We are fortunate to have as a member of our aviation team an attorney who was a former airline pilot. Our practice is also benefitted by experienced tax and transactional attorneys with experience across a myriad of transactions.  Additionally, if the need for litigation arises, our firm has a significant amount of trial experience.

Operations: The Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) that apply to companies engaged in Parts 121, 135 and 145 operations are complex.  Charting a course through this maze can be daunting. Our attorneys can work with you providing advice and counsel to achieving your goals. The value of having an experienced airline pilot on your side who is well versed in the FARs cannot be overstated.

Transactions:  Our experience does not end with operations. Transactions involving the acquisition or disposition of interests in an aviation business or identifying the most efficient structure for an aviation business to utilize can be just as complex once federal and state tax laws are added to the mix.  Our transaction and tax attorneys have decades of experience guiding clients to efficient structures that minimize the reach of taxes without incurring undue risk. We can bring that wealth of experience to bear in any situation, regardless of the size of the transaction.  Members of our team have worked on numerous transactions, including one of the largest mergers between two of the nation’s airlines.

Violations:  If the FAA launches an enforcement action against your company that can result in monetary penalties or the revocation, suspension or modification of your company’s certificate. Our attorneys can represent you in defending against an FAA enforcement action. Our goal is to be involved in the process at the earliest possible stage to help shape the outcome and avoid a finding of a violation. If your company has already received an adverse ruling in an FAA enforcement action, we can represent you in your appeal to the NTSB and the Courts.

Insurance Coverage: The unexpected is not limited to claimed violations of the FARs, but sometimes extends to property damage. Whether your aircraft is insured by a third party carrier, or you are the carrier, our attorneys can work with you to resolve coverage disputes. Intervention in the early stages of a dispute often leads to a timely and cost efficient solution to what otherwise might grow into an intractable problem. Our attorneys can provide assistance to help resolve a dispute, whether by mediation, arbitration or before a Court.

Disputes with Manufacturers or Purchasers: Given the complexity of commercial aircraft, disputes between a manufacturer and buyer with regards to maintenance and warranty issues of an aircraft or parts may be inevitable. Our aviation attorney, relying on his own experience as an airline pilot, has an in-depth understanding of the systems of commercial aircraft and can work with you to resolve these disputes in a cost-efficient manner.