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Some of the most common job-related accidents are transportation incidents, a category which includes: auto accidents, truck accidents, forklift accidents, slip and fall accidents, assaults and attacks, being struck by objects or equipment, or harmful exposure, such as chemical exposure or electrocution.

Whatever the cause of your workplace accident, you are most likely entitled to receive benefits such as medical treatment for your injuries and lost wages and retaining a personal injury attorney is essential to the process. All businesses are required under state law to carry workers’ compensation coverage to provide these benefits for their employees in the event of a workplace accident or death. The attorneys at Szaferman Lakind can assist you with all aspects of your claim, from gathering the evidence necessary to prove your case to representing you with the insurance company and even going to court if necessary to secure the benefits you deserve.

Personal Injury Claims for Job Site Accidents

Another way in which an injured worker can receive compensation for a workplace accident is to file suit for personal injury or wrongful death. If another person, such as a subcontractor or property owner, was at fault for causing the accident, you may be able to file a claim based upon that party’s negligence. You could even file a claim against the manufacturer of a defective or faulty product if there is evidence that the product caused or contributed to the injury.

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