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True Counsel

The attorneys of Szaferman Lakind strive to provide True Counsel to all our clients all the time. This is a commitment we make to each client on every matter entrusted to us. But what does True Counsel really mean? To us it’s more than a collection of words. It is a pledge of high quality, efficiency, ethical standards and compassion. Our attorneys serve as advisors, confidants and strategists. We work with individuals, businesses and corporate executives who are faced with family, business or personal challenges. At other times, our guidance or “counsel” is sought to chart a path to an identified goal. No matter the circumstance, our clients seek our counsel and expect creative, efficient and cost effective solutions to achieve their goals. To exceed that commitment means that our counsel – advice as well as performance – must be true.

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Each client expects that the advice and counsel we provide and the services we perform will be exactly what the situation requires. Our advice must be accurate and our execution precise. Advice or performance which is wide of the mark is not “true.” To provide True Counsel requires that we deliver upon our pledge of quality, efficiency, ethics and compassion in every encounter. It is our goal to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients and to provide True Counsel all the time.
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