You have been injured, and you can’t work.  You’re waiting for Social Security disability benefits, but the process takes a long time.  You need income now, and you are wondering if applying for unemployment benefits would be at least a temporary solution.  Unfortunately, this is usually not a viable option.

The main problem with this in New Jersey is that you have to sign a form stating you are ready, willing and able to work.  If you are ready and able to work, it begs the question of how you can be disabled, and a Social Security administration judge is going to ask that same question if you apply under such circumstances.

There are, however, some exceptions which may allow you to be eligible for unemployment benefits at the same time as Social Security disability benefits.  In particular, Social Security’s own guidelines do not consider you employed if you are earning less than $1,040 per month in the year of 2013-2014.  You may then be eligible to receive unemployment benefits, buy you should speak to an attorney specializing in Social Security disability before applying.

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