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The Szaferman Lakind Family Law department, one of the largest and most experienced in Mercer County, has proven itself to be a leader in the domestic relations arena. We have successfully argued family law cases at all levels of the New Jersey Court system, including the New Jersey Supreme Court. We provide skilled and sensitive representation in the areas of divorce, child support, alimony, custody, parenting time, and domestic violence. We prepare prenuptial agreements and review the legality of existing agreements.

Our experience in Family Law Appellate work is second to none. We have been at the forefront of shaping the law on significant issues such as the right of parents to remove children from the state and the proper legal analysis that is utilized to determine entitlement to alimony. The many referrals we receive for appellate work from other lawyers demonstrates our ability to handle the most difficult and complex of legal issues.

If you are seeking a divorce lawyer, we will explain how your marital property can be equitably divided between you and your spouse, and aggressively represent your interests from the time the complaint is filed to the divorce judgment. Our level of experience and sophistication allows us to handle tough, complicated matters in a compassionate and professional manner.

Frequently, issues of support and child custody arise after a final judgment of divorce has been entered, or in non-marital relationships. Parenting time with children is a critical issue for parents and grandparents. We forcefully assert your rights in this area. We understand that changing circumstances may signify a need to alter financial and custodial obligations.

We also specialize in cost-effective solutions by crafting comprehensive settlement agreements and by understanding and participating in mediation.

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As a leader in matrimonial law in New Jersey, the attorneys at Szaferman Lakind create and shape the law through our significant cases and settlements.

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