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Our firm has successfully handled countless matrimonial cases with complex business valuation issues. We also have access to attorneys in our firm, with knowledge to address tax, environmental and real estate issues. We are sensitive to the cost connected with business valuations and seek approaches that minimize such costs.

Because the income valuation is relevant to alimony and child support, we advise clients, based on the facts of each case, how to best allocate monies to be paid or received among different forms of support and equitable distribution. Although it is our goal to amicably resolve all of these issues, we are always mindful that if the other party is not reasonable, we must be prepared to present the case in a manner that strongly advocates the position of our client.

Finally, we understand the emotional strain our clients suffer when dealing with these difficult financial issues. When appropriate, we utilize a paralegal or an attorney at a lower hourly rate for specific tasks. Most important, the attorney primarily responsible for your matter will be an attorney who has extensive experience in business valuation issues, and he or she will be available to you on a day-to-day basis.

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