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Our attorneys have successfully resolved thousands of cases involving complicated parenting issues. We view every case as unique and formulate a strategy based upon the facts of each case. We understand and appreciate the importance of family dynamics and will use all the tools available to obtain the best possible outcome for you and your children. We want you to feel like you can wholly rely on your child custody lawyer.

The breadth of our experience includes cases involving grandparents’ rights, questions of whether someone is a “psychological parent,” same sex parents, high conflict relationships, high priority on religious upbringing, adoption, and inter-state jurisdictional issues, among other situations and family dynamics.

You can count on your child custody attorney to be available when you need them and be results oriented in the strategies they recommend. Whether it be an advantageous agreement or taking your case to trial, the welfare of your child will be our highest priority.

When it comes to the support and care of your child, we want to make sure that your child custody lawyer is there to help you understand every detail of your case or agreement. They’ll provide explicit details on the custody and parenting time laws in the state of New Jersey and show you how it applies to your situation.

Depending on family dynamics, joint custody is the preferred option for the children so both parents can have an active presence in their life, care, and development. However, if your former partner is an unfit parent, you may be seeking sole custody of your child. Our attorneys can help you learn more about what constitutes as an unfit parent and whether it’s applicable to your case.

If the separation is amicable, our team can provide you with insights on splitting child custody equally through Joint Legal Custody, or with Primary Residential Custody where you or your former partner will take the majority of the child’s custody, care, and housing.

Our team is committed to bringing favorable results to your custody case.

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