Post-Judgment Divorce Litigation

Following a divorce, issues may arise which require you to revisit the terms of your divorce judgment. The most common post-judgment issues relate to enforcing compliance with the agreement or seeking to modify the terms of the agreement if there has been a change in circumstances. There are many circumstances that may arise in the post judgment context such as revisiting financial obligations or custody arrangements. We frequently handle matters such as:

  • Support Modifications due to:
    • Change in income
    • Loss of employment or disability
    • Cohabitation
    • Retirement or emancipation of a child
  • Custody and Parenting time Modifications due to:
    • Relocation of a parent
    • Failure to comply with the existing custodial schedule
    • Addiction issues
    • Parental alienation
    • Other behaviors impacting a child’s best interest.

Our family law team has dealt with countless post-judgment matters spanning the firm’s 40 year history. Regardless of your individual circumstances, given our depth of experience we are be able to guide you as to the best course of action.

Szaferman Lakind Post-Judgment Divorce Litigation Attorneys

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