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Mediation and arbitration offer an opportunity to resolve family law disputes in a timely, informal and cost effective setting. Our team of attorneys have a wide breadth of experience handling mediation and arbitration matters. We have guided clients through countless mediation matters in order to avoid protracted and costly litigation. We have the legal knowledge and experience to effectively negotiate the best possible outcomes for our clients based upon their own individual circumstances as it relates to divorce, asset division, support obligations and child custody/parenting time matters.

We also serve as private mediators and arbitrators. Most commonly, our family law attorneys are selected by their peers in the legal community to aide their clients in resolving their disputed issues. Our attorneys have served on numerous county matrimonial settlement panels to offer recommendations to litigants to resolve their disputed issues, and some of our attorneys have also received specialized mediation training sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Association. This experience coupled with our considerable motion and trial practice provides us with the knowledge and expertise to serve in the capacity as a mediator or arbitrator to provide a cost effective and swift outcome.

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