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The goal in any legal situation is to work to resolve the issue or dispute but should the need for litigation arise our experienced team of litigators is ready to assist you. Our litigators bring a wealth of experience to the courtroom and have handled many landmark cases. We strive to protect the interests of our clients and work together to achieve their goals efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

With a combined level of experience in general and specialized litigation of over 150 years, there is no substitute for experience. We are fortunate to have Stephen Skillman, P.J.A.D. (Ret.) and Anthony J. Parrillo, P.J.A.D. (Ret.) both of whom were presiding judges of the Superior Court, Appellate Division, and have combined experience spanning several decades. Our Judges help our attorneys by reviewing appellate and trial court briefs and offering guidance on oral arguments.

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