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Szaferman Lakind’s attorneys represent clients whose employment has been terminated, or who have suffered an adverse change in the terms or conditions of their employment. Employment law, labor law and workers’ compensation has been an important part of our practice since 1977.

For Employers

Our clients include employers, management and executives in cases involving breach of contract, fraud, defamation, discrimination, or termination under false pretenses.

Our experienced litigators counsel employers to avoid litigation or contain the risk of serious damages through negotiations, arbitration or mediation. If litigation is warranted or filed, our litigators have decades of experience in court.

For Employees

Should you be preparing to take a new job, we can help you avoid making errors that affect your offer, terms and conditions of employment, and contract terms including your share of revenue generated, bonuses, and the terms of any proposed non-disclosure agreement and/or restrictive covenant agreement, which may affect your future ability to earn a living.

Should you be an “at will” employee, an hourly or salaried worker, a government employee and you lose your job, you may have a claim to bring. We can evaluate your claim against federal and state laws and develop a strategy on your behalf.

If you are a victim of a hostile work environment, harassment by a supervisor or co-worker we can assist you in asserting your rights. We have handled many cases involving hostile work environments or retaliation against conscientious employees.

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