Compensation for Victims of Crime

A common misconception is that the justice after a crime is committed is handled exclusively by the criminal courts. Often times, despite the tireless efforts of prosecutors, criminal judges and staff, the criminal system does not bring a full sense of justice. Certainly, although the criminal court may punish a wrongdoer, it is quite limited in its ability to make the victim whole.

The attorneys at Szaferman Lakind specialize in representing victims of crime in the civil court system. In so doing, we seek compensation for our clients not only from criminals, but from institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, private and public schools and other businesses or enterprises that were negligent in their hiring, training, retention and supervision of employees or that failed to monitor their premises, provide security or otherwise make it reasonably safe.

Szaferman Lakind is proud to have the experience of many attorneys who have acted as prosecutors in the State, including Craig Hubert and Brian Heyesey within the PI Group, who bring a unique and advantageous criminal perspective to these types of cases.

Whether you have been the victim of a sexual assault, assault or other crime, the Szaferman Lakind Personal Injury Group is prepared to listen and provide you with the advice and representation you deserve.

CLICK TO WATCH Partner Craig Hubert, a New Jersey Certified Civil and Criminal Trial Attorney, discuss his experience representing victims of crime.

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