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In the best of circumstances, co-parenting can be difficult, but as a parent it is up to you to act in your child’s best interests, make them feel secure, safe and loved. It is critical that parents put their disputes aside with the mutual goal of ensuring that their children are protected.

Partner, family law attorney and parenting coordinator Janine Danks Fox assists parents in navigating day-to-day disputes, serves as a neutral professional offering parents a forum to air frustrations and provides solutions and recommendations all while serving the child’s best interests.

Parenting coordination can help to:

  • Adhere to specific custody and parenting time arrangements and accommodate both parent’s schedules, maximizing each parent’s time with the children.
  • Assist with in-home parenting schedules for parents still living under the same roof but struggling to share the responsibilities of child rearing and household tasks.
  • Resolve ongoing disputes, improve communication, ease parental stress and reduce legal fees.

Studies have shown that children benefit from the mutual love and support of both parents. To that end, notwithstanding co-parent disputes or marital tensions, parents should rise above their differences to ensure the child or children’s best interests are served. Utilizing a parenting coordinator to amicably resolve disputes and reach common ground, will help make an already difficult situation easier on the children involved.

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