In 2003, the firm successfully convinced a Trial Court Judge that a custodial father should be permitted to relocate to the State of Florida with the parties’ 15 year old son and 13 year old daughter. The mother of the children objected to the move, claiming that the father was moving in order to circumvent her parenting time with the children. After a trial, the Court agreed with Brian G. Paul’s argument that the father had a good faith motive for the proposed relocation, inasmuch as he presented evidence demonstrating that his business’ productivity and profits would most likely increase significantly with his relocating to Florida. Moreover, the Trial Court Judge also agreed that the move was not inimical to the children’s best interests, inasmuch as they would receive educational opportunities, leisure activities and an overall lifestyle that was at least equal to those they currently enjoyed. Finally, the Court agreed with Brian that because of the advance age of the children, email and video conferencing were viable alternatives for helping to preserve the mother’s relationship with the children in between face to face visits.