Variance Clears the Way for Independent Living Facility in Hamilton Township

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Lionel J. Frank obtained a variance from the Hamilton Township Zoning Board of Adjustment to allow construction of a new care program for seniors in the Greater Mercer County area. LIFE St. Francis is a new, community based long-term care program that allows elderly individuals who would have no option other than a nursing home [...]

Settlements Reached in Two Mesothelioma Cases

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Szaferman Lakind obtained a $3.65 million settlement on behalf of an auto mechanic who contracted mesothelioma as a consequence of brake work, and a $7.5 settlement on behalf of the owner of a battery company who contracted mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos from a battery experiment. (2007)

Appellate Court Rules NJ Cannot Require Payment of College Expenses Not Required Under Original PA Child Support Order

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Brian G. Paul won a reversal in the Appellate Division on a precedent-setting interstate child support case. Under Pennsylvania law, a child becomes emancipated on the latter of their 18th birthday or their graduation from high school, meaning there is no obligation for parents to contribute to college expenses. In contrast, New Jersey courts have [...]

Bid Protest Upheld in Multi-Million Dollar State Contract

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Jeffrey P. Blumstein successfully protested the proposed award of a multi-million dollar, multi-year State contract to provide facility management services to several large State-owned buildings. Our client is an experienced firm who had provided similar services to the State for these same buildings. However, public policy required that when their current contract expired, a new [...]

Appellate Court Allows Construction of a Taco Bell in Trenton

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Szaferman Lakind prevailed on an appeal before the Superior Court, Appellate Division, on an issue of first impression. Our client, JAT Properties, was a local developer of Taco Bell and similar franchises. Represented by Arnold C. Lakind, JAT received a use variance from the City of Trenton Board of Adjustment to construct and operate a [...]

Favorable NJ Supreme Court Decision Issued in Non-Solicitation Case

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Szaferman Lakind prevailed on an appeal to the Supreme Court of New Jersey seeking to reverse a judgment against a Monmouth County accountant charged with violating a non-solicitation agreement. Our client had been employed by a larger firm and subject to a non-solicitation agreement. When our client became dissatisfied with the quality of services rendered [...]

$25 Million Class Action Suit Against Credit Insurers Settled

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A Superior Court Judge sitting in Mercer County approved a $25,000,000 class action settlement in the matter of Hopewell v. Standard Guaranty Insurance Company. Plaintiffs were represented by Arnold C. Lakind, who directs litigation at Szaferman Lakind. The case grew out of credit insurance policies issued in 1999 by the three defendants, Standard Guaranty Insurance [...]

Client Receives $200,000 Settlement in Sexual Molestation Case Against School District

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Three days into a federal civil rights trial, Daniel S. Sweetser successfully obtained a $200,000 settlement for our client against a local school district. During our client’s freshman year at a local high school, she was sexually molested by a school employee. Dan sued the school district under the federal civil rights law, claiming the [...]

Favorable County Superior Court Decision in Non-Solicitation Case

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Daniel S. Sweetser successfully defended a restaurant franchisor and its franchising company against a million dollar lawsuit filed by one of their franchisees. The franchisee alleged that our clients breached the franchise agreement and committed fraud. After a two-week non-jury trial in Atlantic County before Chancery Judge William Todd, the Superior Court held that our [...]

Denial of Alimony Award Reversed (Brian G. Paul)

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Morse v. Morse Brian G. Paul recently reversed a Trial Court’s denial of a multi-millionaire Wife’s request for alimony. The parties in this case were married for nearly 26 years in which the wife served in the traditional role of homemaker and primary caretaker to the parties’ three (3) children, while Defendant concentrated his marital [...]