Robert E. Lytle

Partner Bob Lytle recently prevailed on appeal on behalf of a client who was not only a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault at the hands of her ex-fiancé, but who was also a victim of the criminal justice system who failed to protect her identity.  In fact, the Warren County Prosecutor who was responsible for handling the investigation, unlawfully disclosed our client’s identity and the sordid nature of the assault to the press, re-victimizing her a second time in violation of her rights as a crime victim.

Bob filed a lawsuit on our client’s behalf against the prosecutor and others seeking compensatory and punitive damages based upon the deprivation of the rights that were guaranteed to her under the N.J. Constitution, which includes the right of crime victims to be treated with fairness, compassion and respect by the judicial system.  The trial court later dismissed the lawsuit, on the grounds that the prosecutor was simply informing the public about the completion of a criminal investigation.  In August 2021, with Bob’s assistance, the New Jersey Appellate Division reversed the trial court and reinstated the complaint that he filed on behalf of our client.

“My client and I are pleased with the Appellate Division’s thoughtful opinion,” commented Partner Bob Lytle.  “It serves to both extend and reinforce the important protections afforded to crime victims by the New Jersey Constitution and the statutes adopted by our legislature.”

Bob Lytle is a Partner and serves as General Counsel for the firm. He is a member of the firm’s Litigation Department and specializes in criminal defense matters and complex civil litigation including consumer class actions and assisting victims of mesothelioma. To contact Bob please call (609) 275-0400 or email him directly at