New Jersey Employers May Require Employees to be COVID-19 Vaccinated with Certain Exceptions

By |2021-06-10T13:40:36-05:00June 10th, 2021|Business, COVID-19, Litigation|

By: Dan SweetserAs many employers begin calling their employees back to the workplace, there are questions surrounding vaccination requirements. The New Jersey Department of Labor (NJDOL) declared that New Jersey employers can require employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine in order to work, unless the employee cannot get the vaccine because of (1) a disability, (2) their [...]

Congress Acts to Assist Businesses Continuing to Struggle with the Pandemic

By |2021-04-29T13:58:50-05:00April 29th, 2021|Business, COVID-19, Paycheck Protection Program|

By: Scott Borsack We are 14 months into the pandemic and though I am neither a scientist nor medical doctor, there seems to be a glimmer of hope that we may be approaching the corner on this virus. In the time that the economy has labored under the restrictions adopted by governmental authorities at [...]

PPP Round 2 Application Deadline Extended

By |2021-03-31T09:10:27-05:00March 31st, 2021|Business, COVID-19, Paycheck Protection Program|

By: Scott Borsack Late in the afternoon on March 30, 2021, after an overwhelming vote of approval by the United States Senate, President Biden signed the Paycheck Protection Program Extension Act which grants applicants an additional 60 days to May 31, 2021 to apply for a second round Paycheck Protection Program loan. This legislation [...]

PPP Update: Possible Round 2 Extension

By |2021-03-23T13:25:19-05:00March 23rd, 2021|Business, COVID-19, Paycheck Protection Program|

By: Scott Borsack The second round of the Paycheck Protection Program, as created by Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Small Businesses, Nonprofits, and Venues Act is due to close on March 31, 2021, which is next week. The United States House of Representatives last week passed a bill which would extend the application period to [...]

SBA Provides Lender Guidance On Refund of EIDL Grants

By |2021-01-12T15:27:59-05:00January 11th, 2021|Business, COVID-19, Paycheck Protection Program|

By: Scott Borsack Almost on cue, the SBA released an announcement over the weekend indicating that those loans that have completed the forgiveness process where the Lender recovered the amount of an EIDL grant will be subject to further processing. The SBA is supposed to “automatically remit a reconciliation payment to the PPP lender [...]

Eligible PPP Non-Payroll Expenses Expanded

By |2020-12-22T11:15:38-05:00December 22nd, 2020|Business, COVID-19, Paycheck Protection Program|

By: Scott Borsack As the COVID relief measure makes its way through Congress (the House passed the legislation at 9:20 PM on Monday) heading to certain passage in the Senate and signature by the President, we are finding plenty to cheer about in the Paycheck Protection Program provisions of the more than 5,500 pages [...]

More PPP Relief Coming from Washington

By |2020-12-21T12:19:59-05:00December 21st, 2020|Business, COVID-19, Paycheck Protection Program|

By: Scott Borsack On December 20, 2020, leaders in the House and Senate announced that a deal had been reached on additional COVID-19 relief to individuals and businesses. We are breaking down the major changes and what they mean for your business. IRS Policy Reversed – PPP Borrowers May Claim PPP Eligible Expenses as [...]

Emergency Rules For New Jersey Public Meetings Adopted

By |2020-12-10T09:26:19-05:00December 9th, 2020|Commercial Real Estate & Land Use, COVID-19|

By: Jeffrey Hall With the advent of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, local government in New Jersey has had to scramble to continue to function while greatly restricting public access to government buildings and public meetings. Within weeks of Governor Murphy’s issuance of emergency orders, the Division of Local Government Services (DLGS) of the Department [...]

SBA Essentially Exempts Loans of $50,000 or Less From Forgiveness Process

By |2020-10-12T10:25:14-05:00October 12th, 2020|Business, COVID-19, Paycheck Protection Program|

By: Scott Borsack Late last week the Small Business Administration released additional guidance under the Paycheck Protection Program affecting borrowers with loans of no more than $50,000. The SBA created another forgiveness application form (3508S) for eligible borrowers which exempts them from the potential reductions in the amount of spending eligible for forgiveness. Borrowers [...]

Partner Stuart Tucker Discusses Landlord/Tenant Law and COVID-19

By |2020-09-15T10:23:45-05:00September 15th, 2020|COVID-19, Litigation|

Szaferman Lakind Partner Stuart Tucker recently took part in the Mercer Vicinage Landlord Tenant Public Information Seminar addressing Landlord/Tenant issues as it relates to COVID-19. COVID-19 has placed many people, both tenants and landlords in impossible positions. As the virus still remains in New Jersey and around the country, many people remain unemployed and [...]

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