Explaining When to Apply for Social Security Benefits if You were Injured on the Job in New Jersey

By |2022-07-28T14:09:48-05:00February 1st, 2019|Social Security Disability|

You should apply for Social Security Disability right away if you become disabled. The day when your disability began is called the onset date, and you’ll need to provide this date to Social Security. It will be required that you prove you were disabled from that date forward. You will also need to provide a [...]

Explaining What To Do After Your Social Security Disability Appeal has been Filed

By |2018-12-27T21:33:23-05:00December 27th, 2018|Social Security Disability|

You have filed your social security disability appeal. Now what? Your main focus regarding your appeal should now be to continue your medical treatment while advising your attorney of any new treatment, new doctors, or new diagnoses. Also, notify us of any changes in your condition. We will continue securing your medical records and submitting them [...]

Social Security Disability

By |2018-10-23T21:44:43-05:00October 23rd, 2018|Social Security Disability, Tanya Phillips|

By Tanya Phillips If you are disabled and unable to work and the disability is expected to last for at least a year, you may want to consider applying for Social Security Disability benefits. Your condition must interfere with basic work-related activities for your claim to be considered. You may qualify for Social Security benefits [...]

The Steps After You File a Social Security Claim in New Jersey

By |2018-07-03T15:56:40-05:00July 3rd, 2018|Social Security Disability|

Once you have filed your application for Social Security Disability, you can expect the Social Security Administration to take 3-6 months to review your application. Their initial determination will either say that you are disabled or that your application has been denied. If they say you are disabled, you’ll soon begin receiving benefits. If your [...]

Important Rules to Follow if You Try to Work While Receiving Social Security Disability

By |2018-05-15T20:16:51-05:00May 15th, 2018|Social Security Disability|

It is possible to work while you are receiving Social Security Disability benefits, but there are limits to how much you can earn. At the time of this writing, in 2018, you can work part-time, earning up to $1,180 per month. This limit is called SGA, which stands for substantial gainful employment. Note that there [...]

When Should You Apply for Social Security Disability Following an Injury?

By |2015-11-13T13:52:23-05:00November 13th, 2015|Social Security Disability|

Perhaps you have just recently been injured, or perhaps you have been injured and unable to work for a while, and you are wondering at what point you should apply for Social Security Disability.  The answer is that you need to apply for these benefits immediately once you and your doctor determine you will not [...]

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