Supreme Court of New Jersey Certified Attorneys


electing an experienced and qualified lawyer when facing a complex legal problem can be extremely overwhelming. The Supreme Court of New Jersey has simplified this process for individuals by certifying select lawyers who have excelled in education, experience, and knowledge in their area of practice. At Szaferman Lakind, we employ attorneys certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey in four practice areas.

Why Hire a Certified Lawyer?

Attorneys who have been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, Board of Certification have met specific guidelines:

  • A good standing member of the New Jersey Bar for at least 5 years
  • Fulfill ongoing continuing legal education requirements
  • Demonstrate substantial experience in their specific area of practice
  • Attain favorable evaluations from other attorneys and judges
  • Pass a test on their specific practice area

Board certification is a rare quality for New Jersey lawyers. Out of more than 80,000 registered lawyers, only about 1,600 (2%) are certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

We offer board certified attorneys in the following practice areas: divorce and family law, criminal law, civil litigation and workers’ compensation.


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