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Environmental Law

Szaferman Lakind’s environmental lawyers have more than 100 years of collective experience in the environmental field, and have built a strong reputation for environmental excellence. Here are some areas where we have helped our clients achieve objectives in a cost-efficient and timely manner:

Permits: We will help you apply for any kind of permit or license, for all kinds of projects, affecting any media air, land use, surface or groundwater, wetlands, docks, fill, storm water, coastal area, mining, access, pollutant discharge, solid and hazardous waste management, etc.

Insurance Coverage: Insurers often initially take the position that your claim is not covered. We have successfully brought appeals of denials and suits against insurers to ensure that you, the insured, obtains maximum coverage for your claim.

Due Diligence: Whether you need to prove that you conducted all appropriate inquiry for a past purchase of property that is found to be contaminated, or you need to investigate now, prior to a purchase or merger or acquisition, we will guide you through a cost-effective preliminary site assessment process including state of the art phase 1 and 2 (ASTM E1527-13) and review and revise your contract documents, to ensure that you and your business are legally protected.

Contracts and Agreements: We will draft an agreement intended to protect you from liability for past discharges of hazardous substances, or other non-compliance with environmental laws.

Drinking Water and Well Contamination: Many wells are affected by industrial solvents and gasoline and oil by-products in our urbanized environment. If your drinking water is contaminated, or you are suspected of being the source of pollution, call our environmental lawyers for help. We built our reputation on a precedent-setting well pollution case, Ayers vs. Jackson Tp.

Leaking Tanks and Spill Cleanups: We will help you ensure that spills are properly cleaned up professionally, that fines are avoided or minimized, and that you get financial assistance to clean up if you qualify.

Investigations to Determine Liability and Cleanup Responsibility: Investigations can be simply or complex, but don’t be afraid of the cleanup; not investigating for the source of known or suspected subsurface pollution can delay getting the help you need to successfully clean up and come into compliance, while pursuing the responsible parties.

Cleanup Cost Allocation: Szaferman Lakind has successfully provided legal oversight to many federal Superfund and/or state hazardous waste remediation projects, including selection of remedy, allocation of financial responsibility, relationships with cleanup firms and adjoining properties, and trust fund management.