Custodial Father of 15 Year Old Son and 13 Year Old Daughter Granted Permission to Relocate to State of Florida (Brian G. Paul)

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Relocation In 2003, the firm successfully convinced a Trial Court Judge that a custodial father should be permitted to relocate to the State of Florida with the parties’ 15 year old son and 13 year old daughter. The mother of the children objected to the move, claiming that the father was moving in order [...]

Portions of Final Judgement of Divorce By Default Summarily Reversed and Vacated (Brian G. Paul).

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Hunter v. Humphrey Default was recently entered against a husband who had attempted to represent himself in a divorce action after he failed to file his Answer and Counterclaim on a timely basis. The husband filed a motion to vacate the default so that he would have an opportunity to participate in the divorce [...]

In Two Separate Cases, Appellate Division Orders that Marital Coverture Fraction Should Be Utilized to Fairly Divide a Spouse’s Defined Benefit Pension (Brian G. Paul).

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Marital Coverture Fraction In two separate Appellate Division cases in 2002, Brian G. Paul argued that the Husband’s proposed method of limiting their ex-wife’s portion of the husbands’ pensions to their values several years earlier at the time of the divorce was unfair and inequitable. Our attorneys argued that the Husband’s method would unfairly pay the [...]

Final Restraining Order Prohibiting Father From Communicating With Parties’ 17 Year Old Son Reversed After Emergent Appeal (Brian G. Paul).

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Antoniotti v. Antoniotti In 2004, the firm won an emergent appeal summarily reversing the entry of a Final Restraining Order prohibiting a father from having any contact with his ex-wife and 17 year old son. In that case, the parties had been divorced for 8 years, and shared joint physical custody of their 17 [...]

Final Restraining Order Affirmed (Brian G. Paul).

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J.C. v. J.M. In J.C. v. J.M., Brian G. Paul successfully represented a victim of domestic violence in the Appellate Division after her former boyfriend filed an appeal of the Trial Court’s entry of a Final Restraining Order in her favor. There, our client and her former boyfriend had a five year dating relationship. After our client [...]

In 3 Separate Cases, Incorrect Child Support Calculations are Reversed By Appellate Division (Brian G. Paul).

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Reversed Child Support Verdicts In the year 2000, the firm won two unreported Appellate Division child support cases, Simmonds v. Simmonds and Wiedaseck v. Immesberger. In each of those cases, Brian G. Paul successfully convinced the Appellate Division that the Trial Court Judges had improperly calculated child support. Both cases were reversed and remanded back to [...]

$54,400 in Alleged Child Support Arrears Vacated and Probation Account Ordered Closed (Brian G. Paul).

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McConnell v. McConnell In McConnell v. McConnell, the firm successfully vacated $54,400 in alleged child support arrears that a Wife has erroneously convinced the Probation Department to apply to a Husband’s probation account. In that case, the Wife alleged for the first time in the year 2000 that the Husband had paid virtually no [...]

Professional Boxer’s License Suspended For Failure to Pay Child Support (Brian G. Paul).

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Britton Thomas In 1999, the firm attained national recognition when Brian G. Paul successfully suspended a professional boxer’s license for his failure to pay child support. This is believed to be the first case in the United States where a professional athlete’s sporting license was suspended for child support enforcement purposes.

Success Stories: Equity

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Seavey v. Long, 303 N.J. Super. 153 (App. Div. 1997) Jeffrey Blumstein representing Nan Long Our client’s husband died. As his widow, she was entitled to a widow’s benefit from the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System. However, the husband’s first wife obtained a Judgment from a trial court imposing a constructive trust on 70% of [...]

The Alimony Reform Statute and the Impact on Cohabitation Claims

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By: Janine Danks Fox  On September 10, 2014, N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23 was amended to reformthe alimony statute. Since thepassage of the statute, there has been considerable debate regarding the application of the statute when a supporting spouse is seeking to alter his/her alimony obligation on the basis of cohabitation. N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23(n) provides: Alimony may be [...]

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