There are 5 main reasons why your accidental disability pension could have been denied:

  1. The board does not perceive your injury to constitute total and permanent disability. The opinions of the board’s doctors would have influenced this view.
  2. The board does not perceive your injury to have directly resulted from the specific accident that you indicated. In other words, they believe another cause was responsible for your injury or that there is another reason why you are unable to work.
  3. The board perceives that the accident was something that could have been anticipated. If it was a slip-and-fall case, they may believe you should have seen, expected, or otherwise avoided the wet floor.
  4. The board thinks the injury is actually an aggravation of a condition that was pre-existing. Perhaps you have previously injured this part of your body, so it may be argued that your current condition is largely the result of your earlier injury.
  5. Your application may have been denied because you applied more than 5 years after the time of the accident.

The next steps for you to take may depend on the reason for your application’s denial. Watch the video to learn more.

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