Two Szaferman Lakind Attorneys Achieve Partner Status

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Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein & Blader, P.C.  announced today that two of its associates have become partners. Robert L. Lakind, a member of Szaferman Lakind’s Business and Litigation Department and Brian A. Heyesey who is a member of the Szaferman Lakind Personal Injury Department. Robert focuses his practice principally on aviation law while Brian focuses his practice [...]

Eight Szaferman Lakind Attorneys Included in 2019 Super Lawyers List

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Brian Paul was further recognized by virtue of his inclusion in this year’s list of Top 100 New Jersey Super Lawyers*. READ THE COMPLETE ANNOUNCEMENT. Arnold C. Lakind – Founding Partner, Executive Committee, General Litigation Brian G. Paul – Partner, Executive Committee, Family Law (Included in 2019 list of Top 100 New Jersey Super Lawyers) Craig J. Hubert – Partner, [...]

New Tax on Short Terms Property Rentals Threatens Shore Communities

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While most of us were distracted by the potential for a New Jersey government shutdown over Governor Murphy’s demand for revisions to the so-called millionaire’s tax this past fall, one tax provision found its way into the compromise legislation without much attention. Dubbed the “Airbnb” tax, the New Jersey legislature has adopted a tax [...]

$1,000,000 Settlement for Sexual Assault Victims of Church

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Based on the allegations of sexual assault of two minor boys in the 1970s, Partner Craig J. Hubert secured a $1 million settlement for the now-adult victims. Mr. Hubert pursued numerous claims against the religious institution for its failure to hire, supervise and take appropriate action with regard to its constituents. The complaint in [...]

Michael Paglione Secures $828,000 Settlement for Hazardous Workplace Injury

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Firm Partner Michael Paglione recently settled a case for $828,000 against several defendants on behalf of a commercial plumber who suffered a workplace injury at a construction site. Principal defendants Penn Valley Constructors Inc. and Michael Haas Construction contributed $380,000 each to the settlement and several other defendants participated in the payment of $68,000 on a workers [...]

$900,000 for Personal Injury Case vs. Trucking Company

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A driver, represented by Partner Craig Hubert, was injured when a 10-foot metal shaft fell from the back of a tractor trailer and collided with his vehicle on route 78 in Somerset County. The victim was driving behind the trailer when the shaft became unsecured and dropped onto the roadway, impacting his automobile and [...]

Craig Hubert Achieves $1.25M Settlement from NJ-DYFS

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Partner Craig Hubert, assisted by Partner Janine Bauer and Attorney Brian Heyesey, recently settled a lawsuit for $1.25 million against the State of New Jersey based on allegations of child abuse and other torture to a child while in foster care supervised by the State’s child welfare agency, then known as the Division of Youth and Family Services [...]

Craig Hubert Settles Claim Against Nursing Care Facility For $265,000

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Personal Injury attorney Craig Hubert recently reached a settlement with a Nursing Care facility based on a claim that the facility failed to implement preventative protocols with a resident identified as having significant risk of falling. The victim was an elderly person transferred from a treatment facility to the nursing home in December of 2009. During [...]

Bob Lytle Secures $1.5-Million Settlement From State of N.J. in Whistleblower Case

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In a case steeped in political controversy, former Hunterdon County Assistant Prosecutor Bennett Barlyn, represented by Partner Bob Lytle of  Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein & Blader, has agreed to a $1.5 million settlement of a whistleblower lawsuit that he brought against the State of New Jersey, former State Attorney General Paula Dow, former Director of the Division [...]

Steven Blader Represents American Injured in France

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James Collins of Moorestown, New Jersey, USA, did not enjoy his visit to the South of France. When Jim and his wife were vacationing in Cassis, France, in 2013, Jim was hit by a car backing out of a parking spot, breaking Mr. Collins’ hip. Mr. Collins was referred to Steven Blader, Esquire, to [...]