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$1,000,000 Settlement for Sexual Assault Victims of Church

Craig J. Hubert, Esq

Szaferman Lakind Quarterly Newsletter – January 2015 Edition

Based on the allegations of sexual assault of two minor boys in the 1970s, Partner Craig J. Hubert secured a $1 million settlement for the now-adult victims.

Mr. Hubert pursued numerous claims against the religious institution for its failure to hire, supervise and take appropriate action with regard to its constituents. The complaint in civil court also asserted an overall failure to ensure a safe learning environment and to prevent the sexual assaults of which the religious institution either knew or should have known.

Szaferman Lakind takes great satisfaction in resolving such cases whether by settlement or jury verdict. It is particularly comforting that we were able to provide meaningful compensation, which will, in turn, ultimately assist in securing psychological and psychiatric therapy for the victims. Many firms are unwilling to invest the time and financial resources in such cases due to the substantial legal obstacles, especially concerning the statute of limitations. Through our legal research, investigation and the diligence of our entire Personal Injury Team, we succeeded in overcoming these obstacles thus obtaining a substantial settlement, which will provide a means for a better future for our clients.

A New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Attorney, Craig has prosecuted many civil court cases on behalf of sexual assault victims, obtaining monetary compensation and systemic institutional changes for those victimized by such horrific circumstances. He works closely with law enforcement in an effort to achieve optimal outcomes in the civil courts for clients while ensuring that the criminal prosecutions are not compromised. Craig relates: “I always feel we are on the right side of the case when we represent victims of sexual assault against the individuals and the institutions that failed the victim in one of the most intrusive and inappropriate ways imaginable.