A driver, represented by Partner Craig Hubert, was injured when a 10-foot metal shaft fell from the back of a tractor trailer and collided with his vehicle on route 78 in Somerset County. The victim was driving behind the trailer when the shaft became unsecured and dropped onto the roadway, impacting his automobile and deploying the airbags. His vehicle was launched into the air and landed on its front end. The client was transported to Overlook Hospital in Summit with pain in his neck, left shoulder and arm and with numbness in his left hand.

As a result of the injuries his client required two surgeries to his shoulder and one to his cervical spine, in addition to other non-surgical medical procedures. The client continues to suffer physical limitations and pain.

Mr. Hubert employed the services of an independent orthopedic specialist to evaluate the victim’s physical condition. To determine the economic and vocational loss resulting from the accident, Mr. Hubert hired a firm to prepare expert reporting on the issues. The experts’ opinions served to help substantiate and quantify the client’s physical and economic losses.

The $900,000 settlement was reached between the client and the trucking company’s insurance carrier after arbitration but immediately prior to trial.