In June, 2012, a bill was introduced to the New Jersey State Senate that would change certain parts of the eligibility criteria for the state TPAF, JRS, PERS, PFRS and SPRS disability pension systems.

Sponsored by State Senator Stephen Sweeney, D-3rd Dist., Senate Bill No. 1913 was a reaction to reports of waste and fraud in the New Jersey accidental disability pension system. Sounds like a good thing, maybe. But, according to former Camden County police officer Richard Norcross, maybe not.

Norcross was shot five times on April 20, 1995, while assisting Investigator Jack McLaughlin of the Camden County Prosecutor’s office. McLaughlin was murdered while executing a search warrant to a Haddon Heights suspected child molester. Norcross then witnessed the murder of his brother, Ptl. John Norcross, who arrived on the scene shortly after.

Since that horrible day, Norcross has endured post-traumatic stress disorder and 22 surgeries. His mental and physical pain was indescribable and his family was devastated.

Meanwhile, Norcross attempted to regain his life, lecturing to recruits at the Camden County Police Academy, inspiring the young officers to “be courageous, professional and, above all, never give up.”

This certainly sounds like a man who deserves the $34,000 Accidental Disability Pension he has received. However, if Senate Bill No. 1913 passes, those benefits will be reduced to $0. Why? Because the bill, among other things, will cap the amount of money he can earn as he has rebuilt his life.

As Trenton disability appeal attorneys, we read this story and others like it with great concern. When pensioners like Norcross have paid fully into the system, doing the right thing every day, and then are robbed of their benefits or denied them, something is wrong.

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