With Memorial Day coming up, the Social Security Administration is again emphasizing a number of programs and benefits that help both veterans and families of fallen or wounded soldiers.  The SSA is promoting various resources for members of the armed services and their loved ones.

Among the tools being promoted is a dedicated website for Social Security survivors benefits.  On the site, users can peruse the ‘Survivors Planner’ to examine the two central issues concerning these benefits: (1) how family members are protected if you die and (2) how you may qualify as a survivor on some else’s Social Security record.  Though this site is not directly geared toward military service personnel and their beneficiaries, it is easily applicable to that context.

The Social Security Administration also runs a ‘Wounded Warriors’ website.  The site is where disabled military service members—who because disabled while on active military duty—can obtain expedited benefits process.

The Wounded Warriors website answers a number of commonly asked questions, and shares other useful information about disability benefits, including how veterans receive expedited processing of disability claims.  It is important to note that benefits available through Social Security are different than those from the Department of Veterans Affairs and require a separate application.”

Regardless of where the disability occurs, military service members that have become disabled (while on active service) on or after October 1, 2001, may apply for expedited service.

The SSA is also promoting their Military Service Retirement Planner site that helps those in the armed forces plan for retirement.

“At Social Security, we honor all those who served in the military and we remember those who died for their country.”  If you would like additional information regarding Social Security or Disability Benefits, please call us at 609-246-0668 or visit our website.