$2.75 Million Settlement in Trucking Accident Case

Michael R. Paglione, Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation, recently negotiated a $2,750,000 settlement for a forklift operator injured in a workplace accident.

The accident occurred in 2004 as our client was loading cargo onto a tractor trailer at a loading dock. As he backed his forklift off the truck, the tractor trailer crept forward, away from the loading dock, causing the forklift, along with our client, to fall off the back of the trailer and crash to the ground.

As a result, our client’s arm was crushed and nearly amputated. He was forced to undergo multiple reconstructive surgeries, including vascular, orthopaedic and neurologic procedures. He was, nevertheless, left with residual nerve damage, limited digital motion, significant scarring and post traumatic stress syndrome.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conducted an investigation and determined that the defendant truck driver had failed to properly set the brakes and chock the wheels before allowing our client to enter his trailer.

The case was mediated before a retired Civil Presiding Judge of the Superior Court. Settlements were received from NJ Manufacturers and AIG insurance companies.