National Adoption Day

By: Lindsey Moskowitz Medvin

National Adoption Day falls on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving every year.  Our Courts and communities come together to finalize thousands of adoptions.  The day raises awareness of the number of children in foster care who are waiting to find permanent families.  The hope is always that children in foster care will find their forever, loving family. It is beautiful for the Courts and communities to honor this day. It is also a good time to raise awareness of the various types of adoptions that individuals may consider. 

Adoption is the legal process for which children who are not raised by their birth parents become permanent and legal members of the family.  Often times a step-parent wishes to adopt their step-child.  Other times, a grandparent has raised their grandchild and seeks to adopt the child as their own. In these situations, the adoptive parents must receive the consent of the birth parent(s).  If they are unable to obtain that consent, they will request that the Court use the best interest standard to determine whether the adoption should be granted. Sometimes, parents adopt a child from abroad and other times, parents formalize a local, private adoption.  In all of these cases, parents are making the choice to expand their family to include the child.  Once the adoption is finalized, the child will be viewed in the eyes of the courts as though he/she was born naturally to the parent.  The child will have all rights, obligations and privileges as those though were naturally born to the parent.  Adoptions provide a wonderful opportunity for the parents and the child alike – they are a win-win situation for all!

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