Partner Michael Paglione settled two accident cases for a total of $485,000.
The first case involved a motor vehicle accident on I-295 in Hamilton Township, Mercer County. Our client was driving in the middle lane of I-295 with a flat-bed truck in the right lane approximately 100 feet in front of her. Suddenly one of the left rear tires on the truck exploded sending shrapnel everywhere. A large piece of metal from the truck’s wheel-drum crashed through our client’s windshield severing one of her fingers. The truck continued without stopping and could not be identified. Mr. Paglione filed an Uninsured Motorist claim against the client’s own insurance company and secured a settlement for the maximum amount of coverage available – $275,000.

In a second case, our client was working on a crew that was dismantling a huge crane. As the crew was in the process of lowering the 30-foot main mast to secure the crane for transport, the multi-ton mast began to free-fall and ultimately crashed into our client’s hardhat rendering him unconscious and bleeding profusely from a large gash in his head. Mr. Paglione traveled to Toronto, Canada with his heavy equipment expert to inspect and test the various components of the crane to determine the cause of this accident. Through expert analysis, Mr. Paglione proved that the foremen from the company in charge of dismantling the crane failed to properly bleed the air from the hydraulic lines before lowering the main mast which caused it to crash. Although our client recovered and returned to work, Mr. Paglione successfully secured a settlement in the amount of $210,000.

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