Stuart Tucker

Szaferman Lakind Partner Stuart Tucker recently took part in the Mercer Vicinage Landlord Tenant Public Information Seminar addressing Landlord/Tenant issues as it relates to COVID-19.

COVID-19 has placed many people, both tenants and landlords in impossible positions. As the virus still remains in New Jersey and around the country, many people remain unemployed and many businesses are unable to continue operations every day. With those people unable to pay their rent, many landlords are in turn, struggling to meet their financial obligations without their full rental income.

“This continues to be an extremely difficult time for so many people in New Jersey and beyond” commented Partner Stuart Tucker.

What should tenants and landlords in New Jersey be aware of?

  • In New Jersey there is currently an eviction moratorium through November 1, 2020 except in rare cases.
  • Tenants should still pay their rent if they are able; to avoid eviction once the moratorium ends.
  • Most landlord/tenant legal disputes have been put on hold but some counties are continuing with virtual settlement conferences.
  • Seek legal advice to make sure you know your rights as a tenant or a landlord to avoid further legal issues.

If you are in need of assistance with a landlord/tenant issue contact Stuart Tucker at or call (609) 275-0400.

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