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Concerns about the cost, availability and effect of the generation of energy have resulted in an increased focus on renewable and alternative energy sources. This has fortunately resulted in government and tax incentives; however, it has also resulted in increased scrutiny and regulations giving rise to unique and often complex legal and business challenges. Szaferman Lakind has extensive experience in renewable energy transactions, and our attorneys provide a comprehensive array of legal services to clients engaged in all aspects of the renewable, alternative or “green” energy fields.

Szaferman Lakind takes an interdisciplinary approach to its representation of businesses in the alternative and renewable energy industry, relying on attorneys drawn from numerous practice areas, including environmental, corporate, regulatory, finance and equity funding, intellectual property, real estate, tax, zoning, and land use. Our attorneys represent clients with needs in the solar, wind, and other alternative and renewable energy areas, as well as clients engaged in the green construction industry, including LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification construction and related regulatory and real estate matters.

Our attorneys work toward practical and complex solutions and strategies for any issues that may arise relating to renewable energy projects. In providing such support we address issues relating to financing, tax, land use, zoning, environmental, intellectual property and other aspects of any project. In many cases we can also assist in identifying financing for projects associated with renewable energy.

Our comprehensive array of experience includes project financing through grants, equity, joint ventures, power purchase agreements, and traditional financing. In counseling clients we have been involved in the organization and structuring of the transactions to address tax, finance, and liability concerns. In addition, we can assist with construction contract review and negotiation, obtaining certifications for projects, addressed and negotiating agreements with utilities, and resolving disputes that arise.

Utilizing the interdisciplinary benefits of Szaferman Lakind, its Alternative and Renewable Energy Practice Group may also assist with:

  • Regulatory compliance and approvals;
  • Environmental regulations and considerations, including permitting
  • Land use approvals for solar, wind, co-generation, biomass and bio fuels projects
  • Land use and zoning approvals and permits
  • Right of way acquisition
  • Government relations and outreach
  • Power purchase agreements
  • Marcellus Shale project
  • Redevelopment zones and governmental assistance
  • Farmland assessment
  • Green Acres and open space programs
  • Facilities siting
  • Brownfields grants – Coordinate governmental assistance for renewable energy projects (Hazardous Discharge Remediation Fund)

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