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An integral part of many business transactions is acquiring the capital necessary to accomplish goals. The real estate developer needs to borrow funds from a third party lender, a business needs to acquire plants and equipment or acquire real estate. The common thread running through these and other transactions is the use of funds provided by a lender. Here our attorneys have a wealth of experience serving both borrowers and lenders.

We are fortunate to count among clients of the firm, several community and regional banks that engage us to represent their institution to document the loans which they approve. Routinely we draft commitments, prepare loan documents, deal with title issues and work with borrowers and their counsel to overcome challenges that would otherwise prevent closing and funding. This same experience is valuable when we represent borrowers, reviewing the documents which are produced for the transaction and meeting the requirements of the lender which serve as conditions to closing.

Here our attorneys have a wealth of experience drawn from many years of practice and from their experiences representing both borrowers and lenders. We can efficiently and effectively help our clients’ complete necessary transaction to further their business needs, whether of the borrower or the lender.

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