The web of federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances are nowhere more complex than those in the area of taxation. Navigating through these obstacles can be challenging. The tax practice reaches across many sub-specialties in Business Practice and our attorneys routinely work together with other attorneys in the firm across practice areas to better help our clients.

The choice of business form has many tax considerations. Transactions involving the acquisition of an existing business are fraught with tax issues. Our attorneys have experience in structuring transactions to minimize these taxes while accomplishing the goals of our clients. We can advise clients on the business form best suited to their needs to reduce the burden of federal and state taxes.

No matter how diligent the effort to plan or structure, taxing authorities do look to collect asserted tax liabilities or to challenge positions asserted on tax returns. Our attorneys are also experienced in representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service as well as state taxing authorities, defending clients’ interests before these administrative agencies and in federal and state courts.

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