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In the life cycle of a business there may come a time when the owners are courted to sell or they approach another entity to acquire either their assets or equity in their business. The ways in which a successful transaction is accomplished are varied and require a working knowledge of corporate, real estate, tax, employee benefit, environmental and intellectual property law, just to name a few. Attorneys representing clients involved in an acquisition must be responsive, knowledgeable and able to draw from the experiences and talent of other lawyers and professionals. Achieving client goals is a collaborative, team effort and the attorneys at Szaferman Lakind are accomplished in these areas.

Our attorneys routinely represent acquiring entities, working to identify appropriate targets and managing communication with the owners to propose a transaction. We negotiate letters of intent which form the basis of the documents that memorialize the transaction. We work with accountants and environmental experts to assess challenges presented by a particular target. We draft and negotiate the sometimes complex web of documents that deal with transaction issues, both routine and complex. We manage the due diligence process, in which acquirers determine whether a particular target is well suited for a given transaction. With decades of experience in a number of areas, including taxation, our attorneys are able to structure and at times restructure transactions to achieve tax efficiency.

We also represent businesses that are acquisition targets. We are able to analyze proposed transactions to identify issues for targets and to propose alternative structures to meet their concerns. We can review the documents usually generated by counsel to the acquirer, identify issues and work with parties to resolve potential problems for our clients.

The process of acquiring or being acquired is complex and fraught with potential traps and pitfalls. There is no substitute for experienced counsel. Let our attorneys show you how we can make your transaction a success.

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