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One of the most important choices for a new business venture is the choice of legal entity from which the business will be pursued. Each form presents different opportunities and challenges. The impact of these choices affect decisions made by equity holders when looking to acquire another business or when they are the subject of such an acquisition. The rules concerning employee benefits differ depending on the particular business form as well. The decisions made initially are not set in stone and through reorganization, a structure which once seemed optimal can be modified.

The choice of partnership, corporation, limited liability company or S corporation is critical. Our attorneys are experienced in the tax and non-tax opportunities and challenges which each business form presents and can chart a course for your venture, whether you have been engaged in business for years or are about to set out as a new enterprise. As the relationship develops and the business enterprise matures, our attorneys can guide you to identify pitfalls as well as potential benefits to maximize efficiency and minimize tax burdens.

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