Stuart Tucker

Partner Stuart Tucker achieved significant settlements for clients in two separate motor vehicle cases.

The first case occurred in September 2015 as our client was driving on Franklin Corner Road in Lawrence Township, NJ when a truck collided with her vehicle. The collision caused our client’s vehicle to jump the sidewalk and hit a tree. As a result, she was transported to an emergency room with severe pain in her chest, pelvis, cervical spine and left arm.

The client underwent spinal surgery in April of 2017 but continued with pain in her neck and lower back. She underwent a second spinal surgery in January 2019 to place a permanent epidural spinal cord stimulator. While the surgery was without complications, our client was placed in the intensive care unit following surgery and remained there for three days before succumbing to a pulmonary embolism at age 48.

The firm brought suit against the trucking company and the vehicle operator. Stuart, with the assistance of Partner Brian Heyesey, participated in mediation before retired Federal Judge John J. Hughes and negotiated a $2 million settlement on behalf of the client’s estate and her family.

In a second, unrelated case in June of 2013, a client was traveling southbound on Route 18 in New Brunswick, NJ, when a tractor-trailer merged on to the roadway without yielding to oncoming traffic. As a result, a second vehicle shifted into the middle lane where our client was traveling. To avoid an impact with the second vehicle, the client slowed only to be struck severely in the rear by a Mack dump truck operated by the defendant.

The client sustained multiple injuries to her back, neck and arms requiring medical treatment and three subsequent surgeries from 2015 through 2017 including two spinal procedures and a shoulder procedure.

On behalf of our client, Stuart settled this case against the operator of the truck and its owner, thereby achieving a settlement of $650,000 for her injuries and ongoing pain and suffering.

Stuart Tucker focuses his practice on personal injury matters and landlord/tenant issues. If you would like to contact Stuart please email or call (609) 275-0400.