Szaferman Lakind understands that Americans with disabilities bring their individual skills and talents to the workplace every day and can perform jobs at all levels. Thanks to a recent partnership with The Arc Mercer, Szaferman Lakind is now able to provide social opportunities and an income for people with special needs and development disabilities.

The Arc Mercer has a long history of serving children and adults with developmental disabilities in Mercer County, providing many programs and services that promote individualized skill development, independent living, and community integration.

Szaferman Lakind recently entered into an agreement with The Arc Mercer to handle a very important job involving the destruction of documents for the firm. This is a critical job to help keep sensitive and confidential information safe while reducing paper build-up in the office. We are very proud to have partnered with The Arc Mercer and to help people with special needs secure a job and be part of the Greater Mercer Country community.