Szaferman Lakind has a roster of talented attorneys but none with more knowledge and experience than our retired judges. Judge Stephen Skillman (Ret.), Judge Linda Feinberg (Ret.) and Judge Anthony Parrillo (Ret.) all served on the bench for many years. Since joining the firm our retired judges focus their practices on mediation and arbitration services as well as writing appellate briefs. In addition, they bring a wealth of knowledge to our other attorneys, providing them with a perspective that can only be gained from their years on the bench. Our retired judges are often called upon to provide insight to our attorneys regarding how the court is likely to rule relative to a particular matter. Their knowledge and insight is invaluable to our attorneys, as well as to our clients.

Judge Stephen Skillman (Ret.)Judge Stephen Skillman

Judge Stephen Skillman sat on the bench as both a trial and appellate judge for over 30 years, retiring from his role as the Presiding Judge of the Appellate Division of the Superior Court. Judge Skillman is a skilled writer and attorney, having authored over 3,000 opinions – 550 of which are published in the New Jersey Superior Court reports. His experience does not begin and end with pen in hand. As Director of the Division of Law in the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, he argued six appeals before the Supreme Court of the United States. Judge Skillman currently handles many complex civil litigation matters, as well as provides counsel to other members of the firm. His expertise has guided our attorneys to counsel their clients based on his judicial judgment. Judge Skillman also now utilizes his background and experience to serve as an arbitrator.

Judge Linda Feinberg (Ret.)Judge Linda Feinberg

Before serving as the Assignment Judge for the Mercer County Vicinage, Judge Linda Feinberg served as the Supervising Judge of the New Jersey State of the Grand Jury, the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, and the Presiding Judge of all municipal courts in Mercer County, retiring from the bench in 2012. Judge Feinberg’s involvement in mediation services did not begin upon joining our firm. Rather, since 1985 she was involved in the formulation of the State’s mediation practices. She provides mediation services, and in addition gives advice to our other attorneys in issues regarding land use and redevelopment matters, government related applications and issues, complex civil litigation and family matters.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the transition from serving as a judge to serving as a mediator, arbitrator and consulting on a number of civil and criminal matters,”
commented Judge Feinberg.

Judge Anthony Parrillo (Ret.)Judge Anthony Parrillo

Judge Parrillo served as a former Presiding Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey before sitting in the Appellate Division for thirteen years. Prior to that, Judge Parrillo sat as a Trial Judge in all divisions, as well as a Presiding Judge of general equity in Mercer County. Judge Parrillo now handles arbitration and mediation matters for complex disputes. He also provides consultation on trial and appellate matters, support and discovery management and serves as a special master.

When reflecting on his time and role with the firm, Judge Parrillo observed, “Since retiring from the bench I have found a wonderful home at Szaferman Lakind. My affiliation with the firm has afforded me the opportunity to use the knowledge, insight and skills acquired as a judge (both trial and appellate) to assist my colleagues in providing our clients with the high quality representation. Whether it be consulting, mentoring or more direct case involvement, the work is both challenging and immensely gratifying. “

Judge Parrillo went on to comment, “Equally satisfying is the awareness that as more and more litigants look to extrajudicial resolutions, my role and function as an arbitrator and mediator help contribute to an effective and efficient system of justice while alleviating an over-burdened court system. The support I receive from Szaferman Lakind make this possible. I look forward to a long and fruitful association with the firm.”

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