Craig J. Hubert and Thomas J. Manzo Receive Amicus Award for their Work Preserving the Rights of Childhood Sexual Assault Victims

Craig HubertSzaferman Lakind Co-Managing Partner Craig J. Hubert, Esq. and Partner Thomas J. Manzo, Esq. were each presented with an Amicus Award from the New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA) for their amicus curiae efforts in the New Jersey Supreme Court case of W.S. vs. Hildreth.

In this matter, the defense argued that the sexual assault victim’s statute of limitations had expired as it related to a public entity defendant, despite the broadening of the statute of limitations in 2019 for all sexual assault victims. The NJSBA successfully argued that this victim maintained the right to pursue damages, confirming retroactive elimination of the Tort Claims Act requirement for victims to file a notice of claim within 90 days. Thus, the victim, whose cause of action had accrued in 2016, was able to maintain a claim for damages. Thomas J. Manzo and Craig J. Hubert drafted the briefing for the NJSBA, and Craig J. Hubert had the privilege of arguing the matter before the Supreme Court on behalf of the Association.

Thomas ManzoThis ruling preserved the rights of childhood sexual assault victims and equal application of the law in New Jersey, granting victims the opportunity to pursue justice. We are proud of the work Craig and Thomas and congratulate them on these awards.

Brian G. Paul Presented with Sixth NJSBA Amicus Award of his Career

Szaferman Lakind Co-Managing Partner Brian G. Paul, Esq. was presented with an Amicus Award from the New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA) for his work as author in the case of Moynihan v. Lynch. Moynihan v. Lynch was a palimony case in which the NJSBA successfully argued that the provision in the Statute of Frauds requiring that palimony agreements be reviewed by attorneys was unconstitutional. The New Jersey Supreme Court agreed with this position, citing the interference of the provision with an individual’s right to autonomy and its disproportionate burden on those who cannot afford legal representation.

Brian PaulThe NJSBA Amicus award is given to recognize exceptional contributions to the legal profession. This team’s efforts in this case have helped to establish important precedents for individual autonomy and due process in New Jersey.

“It is an honor to work alongside Brian, and we congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition,” said Szaferman Lakind Managing Partner Barry Szaferman. “This was an important case for New Jersey, and we’re proud to have argued in favor of this precedent-setting verdict.”

This is the sixth Amicus award Brian has received. Congratulations, Brian