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Injury by the negligence of another is often accompanied by lost time from work, lost wages, an accumulation of medical bills and other debt, pain and suffering, and the overall loss of the victim’s ability to go forward in life without difficulty. Personal injury law is the civil justice system’s attempt to make that person, or that family, whole again after having so much taken away. The compensation received is a recognition that a wrongful loss has occurred, which has had a dramatic and often traumatic impact on the victim’s life.

Szaferman Lakind personal injury attorneys know the laws that apply and we proactively assist clients in acquiring benefits they are entitled to receive. Our laws seek to protect our citizens, employees and their dependents in the event of injury, illness or death; however, these laws do not apply themselves. What exactly you are entitled to is an important matter and often depends on how your case is built, presented and fought. Our legal team provides the skilled representation needed to optimize our clients’ results.

Do Not Wait…It Could Hurt Your Case

If there is even a question in your mind that you may have a case, call us. It is, and always will be, your decision to pursue or not pursue a matter. That being said, if you wait to consult with an attorney you may prejudice your case. As time passes you may lose your ability to photograph important aspects of your case (damaged vehicle, physical injuries, intersections) or interview key witnesses. In the event a public entity bears responsibility for your injuries, if the appropriate notice is not provided to that entity (in NJ) within the first 90 days, you may forfeit your right to bring a lawsuit for damages. In addition, depending on the state in which you are injured, the period of time during which you may file a lawsuit, called the statute of limitations, may forever bar you from recovery. In New Jersey, this is two years from the date of accident.

Szaferman Lakind personal injury attorneys are waiting to assist you and answer all of your questions. Call now. Do not wait.

Work with Experienced Attorneys

In an ideal world, you would promptly receive the medical attention and financial benefits you need if you become injured or have an accident. As you know, our world is not perfect. Avoiding serious problems with your claim and ensuring that you have claimed every possible benefit you are due under law is important and our legal team can help.

Depending on your claim, you may be entitled to medical treatment, lost wages, a rental vehicle or other benefits. You need to know your legal rights. Szaferman Lakind stands ready to assist you and your family. Contact our firm as soon as possible to speak with an attorney and receive a free case evaluation.