Craig Hubert

Partner Craig Hubert recently joined Gabi Johnson of YourTownTube to discuss youth mental health, the central concentration of a non-profit organization near and dear to his heart, Attitudes in Reverse (AIR). Craig, a Trustee of the organization, outlined the importance of recognizing mental health challenges for our young adults and the need for advocates in their lives to remind them of their worth and value to our ever-changing world.

Attitudes in Reverse offer a comprehensive mental health plan to educate youth, from elementary level through college-age. AIR promotes mental health awareness, anti-bullying and suicide prevention through outreach, therapy dog training and age-based programming.

Craig Hubert, a former prosecutor and recipient of AIR’s “Champion of Hope” award, represents youth victims of traumatic brain injury and sexual assault in civil lawsuits against the tortfeasors and perpetrators.  Many of these victims suffer from the psychological and emotional components of their injuries.  “The acronym is ‘AIR.’ The idea is it’s out there everywhere. We need it to survive and it’s crucial to these persons who are so afflicted, that they have someone in their life to intervene” commented Craig during the interview. “It is not nearly enough to say ‘I am here for you.’ It’s to follow up to ensure they take the next steps in getting that help.”

Craig went on to mention “Like other complicated problems our nation faces such as racism, discrimination and inequality, mental health struggles of our youth also must be reexamined, moving past social stigmas that have made the concept taboo.  This is one of AIR’s most noble and important goals, and I have seen the organization have great success in this regard.”

Attitudes in Reverse held their Annual Miki & Friends Walk for AIR event on Saturday, August 29, 2020 at the West Windsor Community Park. Szaferman Lakind is a proud sponsor this event as well AIR’s other events and initiatives throughout the year.

To watch Craig’s full conversation with Gabi Johnson click here.

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