Partner Michael Paglione recently settled a case involving a 61-year-old woman who
sustained multiple injuries in a trip and fall accident at a Hamilton Township, New Jersey supermarket in March of 2017.

As the Plaintiff was exiting the supermarket she tripped over a rug that was placed carelessly in front of the exit door creating a trip hazard. The victim fell headfirst into a metal door frame causing a large laceration to the top of her head. The Plaintiff incurred other injuries as a result of the fall, including a concussion, post-concussion syndrome, and a complete rotator cuff tear on her left shoulder.

Due to this accident, the Plaintiff’s quality of life has been significantly compromised. She now experiences constant pain in her left shoulder and sensitivity to the laceration site on her scalp. She also suffers from post-concussion memory loss which at times, interferes with her day-to-day functionality.

The case was set for trial, however all parties agreed to participate in mediation, settling for a total of $250,000.